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Valium/Diazepam 10mg - 40 Tablets
Valium/Diazepam 10mg.
40 Tablets



Valium or Benzodiazepines are used for the treatment of anxiety, muscle ripples and withdrawal from alcohol. The medication can also be implemented in the treatment of insomnia, seizures or other conditions that are prescribed for by your physician. You are advised to take benzodiazepines under the instructions of a medical practitioner like your personal doctor or physician. Benzodiazepines are also known as Serax, Librium and Tranxene SD. This information is essential for the importance of knowledge by your physician to assist in decision making and not to show the usefulness and effectiveness of the medication to you.


Before ingesting Benzodiazepines, ensure that you follow your doctor’s usage prescription. If you use Valium on a regular basis and miss a dose, you can take it immediately you realize that you have missed one. If you completely forget to take a dose, then just wait for the next dosage hour and take the medication as usual. Do not under any circumstance take double the dosage at any one time. 


The use of Valium may lead to side effects in some individuals. These effects may vary from person to person and occasionally may stop while undergoing treatment. Some of these effects are like weakness, light-headedness, drowsiness, unsteady posture, a little clumsy or headaches. If any of these effects goes on for some time, or notice having effects that are not stated above, then get in touch with your physician or doctor before going on with the medication.


When under Benzodiazepines, you are advised not to take the medication over the recommended dosage. If you wish to increase doses, seek your medical practitioners’ advice first. Overuse of the medication or increase in dosage may lead to addiction.

If you are taking Valium, you are advised not to operate any form of machinery, drive or anything that could be harmful unless you understand how well you react to the medication.

Do not take Benzodiazepines with alcohol or other medicines as they may decrease your ability to handle issues with dexterity. If on, or planning to start new medication while taking Valium, consult your doctor first before starting the medication.

Women that are pregnant or planning to get pregnant are advised not to take the medication or to consult with their physician first before taking Benzodiazepines. Valium is known to cause damage to a human foetus. It is excreted through breast milk; do not ingest if you are breast feeding.


The use of other drugs while taking this medication could lead to serious side effects and may lower the effectiveness of the medicine. Check out our interaction checker chart to see which of your medicines interact.

Valium and alcohol: do not take the medication with alcohol or anything that contains alcohol. This may increase drowsiness and sedation effects. You are advised not to be under the influence when taking the medication.

Valium and grapefruit: taking grapefruit when under the medication may lead to increased percentages of diazepam within your system and blood leading to more than normal side effects. Some of these effects are like loss of balance, slurred and slowed speech and slower mental awareness. Contact your doctor if you have been drinking grapefruit juice.

Valium and high fat food: taking this medication with food that has fat concentrations may lead to increased diazepam percentages in the blood. This may lead to decreased concentration and, or increased drowsiness.

Valium and caffeine: coffee taken with Valium may lead to lowered effectiveness of the medicine. You are advised not to or avoid taking any drink or beverage containing caffeine at the night time or when you are about to go to bed after taking the medicine.


Benzodiazepines are to be stored at room temperatures of around 59 to 86 Fahrenheit (15 to 30 degrees Celsius).  Keep away from direct sunlight, and moist conditions. Put all medication out of children’s reach.

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